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maglie moncler D PX03SN/HK3R SeriesHigh Read IOPS Server Demonstration of the PX03SN Series 2. Client SSD:High-End Client SSD HG6 SeriesTLC[1] NAND Embedded Client SSD SG4 Series (Reference Exhibit) 3. Mobile Memory:Embedded Storage Memory Solution: UFS[2], e-MMCTMMedia Card: SD Memory Card, USB Flash MemoryWireless LAN SDHC Memory Card: FlashAirTM 4. Enterprise Industrial Memory:SLC[3] NAND, BENANDTM [4], 15nm Process NAND Wafer Notes[1] TLC: Triple Level Cell (Storage type of NAND flash storing data of 3-bit-per-cell)[2] UFS: Universal Flash Storage[3] SL
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