A week on the road: highlights

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Dear not Italian speaker friends, sorry for not giving you the attention you deserve during the last week but we are still working on delivering a dual language blog. Our aim is to provide an english version of each post as we did for our last one. Due to lack of time in translating all the posts from our first week on the road, here are the highlights of our tour so far:

- Hertz was so kind to provide us a Holden Epica. Perfect Italian Tamarro style (for those of you who don’t know what a Tamarro is, just think to Jersey Shore). Since it is not stick, it took us half an hour to understand what P, R, N and D stand forbefore being actually able to hit the road.

- The first stage of the trip has been the Cairns-Cape Tribulation via Port Douglas. Among several really nice beaches, we tried to spot some crocodiles but since during summer they spend most of the time under the water we were able just to see a couple of the them during our tour on the Daintree River

- On the way back to Cairns, after a few hours spent in the wonderful Myall Beach, we stopped for a tropical gelato at the Daintree Ice Cream Factory. Flavors of the day coconut, berry and jack fruit.

- After watching a French couple having a barbie while we were eating a sandwich a few days earlier, we decided that using one of those free BBQ area on the beach would be a good way to have lunch. For our first attempt we chose to have as a background the beautiful Mission Beach. We enjoyed this location so much that we extended our stay overnight!

- Sugar cane and banana trees kept us company on the way to Townsville, the sunshine capital of Australia. Here,  the local population welcomed us with a free parking ticket worth 1 hour an a half (thanks to that very kind man who gave us his ticket, just in case he will ever read this blog!) and lot of information by the sweet old lady at the Info center. Best places in town: the Stand and Castle Hill.

- Once in Townsville, we couldn’t avoid Magnetic Island. Nice ferry ride, efficient bus transport, lovely beaches, but terrible Italian music at the Gelato shop in Horseshoe bay. Coming to the other side of the world and listening to Gigi D’Alessio is such an awkward experience (google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about and then you’ll agree with me). Best thing of Maggie: the large group of friendly rock wallabies waiting for food at the old Ferry port in Arcadia!

- Left Townsville behind, we arrived in Airlie Beach where we spent the afternoon negotiating the best deal to sail the Withsundays Island. The first departure available was just a couple of days later, so, while waiting to leave, we are doing our best to keep up the pace with all these 20 years old hard party backpackers. Best activity in town: miss backpacker bikini challange held at the pub next door.

That’s all folks!


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